Looks like nobody’s perfect… not even Sean O’Pry, the #1 male model of the moment. In the Armani Jeans campaign Sean’s nose was retouched.

What do you think? Was it necessary?

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  1. lovelycurious answered: Not necessary to retouch his nose. It’s already perfect, imo.
  2. thecleverlibrarian answered: I never even noticed, but I like his nose as it is.
  3. rebloggingrob answered: Not at all!! But I didn’t really noticed it …
  4. abigailsalier answered: What makes Sean O’pry to be Sean O’pry its his nose with personality. I am not happy with the retouch. >_<.
  5. finnnels0n answered: No! He looks completely different. The new nose gives him the generic abercrombie model look. -__-
  6. hellofromlisbon answered: No it’s a shame cause his nose is beautiful and the right shape for his face.
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    Ugh fuckheads. It doesn’t look
  10. pradavibe answered: his nose is perfectly fine.
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